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We start a unique file service for chiptuning

We are pleased to inform you that we have developed and launched a unique file processing service, no registration required.
The service solves almost all the tasks of changing toxicity standards and tuning most cars that exist in the world today.
The tasks associated with changing environmental standards, eliminating errors, disabling IMMO and changing speed limits are solved automatically, and the finished file becomes available almost instantly.
Tasks related to chip tuning, production of a package of cards for WinOLS, optimization of cards for working on bioethanol (E85) require manual processing, and lead time depends on the workload of our team.
The service automatically provides a flexible system of discounts. For our Premium partners, current prices and 24/7 support are available in your account.

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Forced readiness monitors

Our partners from Canada, USA and Australia often ask the question: is it possible to give readiness monitors status passed? The fact is that readiness monitors are important when undergoing technical inspection in these countries. Readiness monitors do not affect the technical condition and the car diagnostics procedure in any way, so we decided to develop a unique solution for the forced readiness of monitors for most OBD-II protocols. At present forced readiness monitors are fully supported on:
-Bosch and Siemens control units with Tricore TC17xx processors (Bosch MED17, MEVD17, EDC17 AC Delco E86, etc.).
-Bosch control units with a Motorola MPC5xx processor (Bosch EDC16, AC Delco e35).
-Bosch control units with STM/Infenion ST10 processors.
-Bosch control units with Siemens ?167 processor.
-Bosch control units with AURIX processors TC27x (TC29x) and MPC5777M.
We also continue to develop software with control units with Renesanse SH70xx processors. Our solutions allow to immediately and always make passed all available readiness monitors.

Bosch EDC16 forced readiness monitors
Bosch EDC17 forced readiness monitors
Bosch ME7.2 forced readiness monitors
Siemens SID208-SID209 forced readiness monitors
Siemens SID211 forced readiness monitors
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